Together! 2009 - conference presentations

Keynote address
Professor Rod MacLeod
The nature of care - cultural and clinical implications

Plenary presentations
Plenary session 1
Professor Sheila Payne
The challenges of providing palliative care beyond cancer

Dr Bernadette Tobin
Care decisions and the ageing: what's involved in making the choice?
(presentation not available)

Plenary session 2 - Quality
Dr Stephen Connor
Worldwide palliative care initiatives in standards and quality

Sue Hanson
Quality standards in Australia

Professor Kathy Eagar
Outcomes measurement

Plenary session 3 - Palliative care and public health
Dr Elizabeth Gwyther

Dr Bruce Rumbold

Dr Noreen Chan

Professor Philip Davies

Plenary session 4
Hinohara Lecture - Dr Bee Wee
Growing the workforce

Ian Maddocks Lecture - Dr Monika Wilson
Accompanying them home: The ethics of hospice palliative care

Plenary session 5 - Palliative care in the region
Thanks Rosalie

Dr Elizabeth Gwyther

Concurrent sessions A
Facilitated Q&A - A1 Palliative care - the story so far
Dr M.R. Rajagopal

Professor Ian Maddocks

Professor Margaret O'Connor

Dr Tetsuo Kashiwagi

A2 - Project presentations - Non-malignant palliative care
Janet Taylor
Developing a strategic alliance between chronic disease and specialist palliative care

Barbara Martin
Palliative care in patients with chronic non-malignant illness: Challenges and coups

Raymond Lo
An initiative to improve end-of-life care for non-cancer patients in hospitals
(presentation not available)

Joy Percy
Collaborative care in end-stage heart failure

Gillian McCarthy
Improving access to palliative care for people who have had a stroke and their carers

A3 - Project presentations - Aged care
Julie Garrard
Making a difference in the transition experience from palliative care to residential aged care

Lisa Shaw
Getting started: Advance care planning - developing and implementing a tool kit for residential care

Deborah Parker
Which palliative care outcomes measures are suitable for use in residential aged care facilities?

Jung-Ying Tan
Issues and challenges of providing care in Australian residential aged care facilities

Peta McVey
Making connections: If nursing homes are the new hospices, what are hostels?

A4 - Project presentations - Carers
James Watt
Running effective family meetings: can clinical guidelines help?

Karen Quinn
Preparing family carers for the role of supporting a dying relative

Jane Whelan
What do we know about social support and the general health of family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer?

Wong-Ru Tang
Psychometric testing of the caregiver quality of life index-cancer on a Taiwanese family caregiver sample

Lenore de la Perelle
Planning for good lives and good endings for people with dementia and their families

A5 - Project presentations - HIV/AIDS
Solomon Mumah
Compassion fatigue: Understanding the cost of caring for people living with HIV/AIDS by orphans and vulnerable children

Kittikorn Nilmanat, Praneed Songwathana
Caregivers' experiences in providing care for Muslim patients with terminal AIDS

Bui Bich Thuy
Pain among injection drug users with HIV/AIDS in Vietnam

A6 - Research papers - Paediatric care
Stephanie Dowden
Creating innovative partnerships: establishing paediatric palliative care in a geographically challenging area

Anthony Herbert 
Research priorities in paediatric palliative care: Needs, barriers and opportunities
(presentation not available) 

Marie-Therese Proctor
Negotiating a child's death within a spiritual paradigm: A family's journey of loss and bereavement
(presentation not available) 

A7 - Research papers - Clinical issues 
Anne Wilkinson
Caregiving to advanced chronic illness patients 

David Currow
Caregiving trajectories mirror different patterns of functional decline by diagnosis
(presentation not available) 

Bridget Joan Yalden
Connecting through the artefacts and language of care for the dying in the aged care 
(presentation not available) 

Frank Brennan
Palliative care as an international human right: Recent developments

Sue Salau, Bruce Rumbold
Strategies to merge public health and palliative care practice

A8 - Research papers - Models of care  
Samar Aoun
Evaluating flexible models of care for terminally ill people living at home alone

Maree Lyons-Micic
Realisation of preferred place of death: Could it be a pailliative care indicator?

Ghauri Aggarwal
The effect of the palliative care team on quality indicators for end of life

A9 - Workshops - Spirituality
Liese Groot-Alberts
Spirituality in palliative care

Linda Hunt, Ingrid See
How do I tell you? What words do I use? Communicating 'bad news' in a culturally respectful way

A10 - Workshops - Public health
Frank Brennan
Palliative care as an international human right: Recent developments

Sue Salau, Bruce Rumbold
Strategies to merge public health and palliative care practice

A11 - Workshops - Sympton management
Sally Souraya
Cancer-related fatigue management 

Wilma Davidson, Nicholas Ng
Music and massage - the perfect marriage

Concurrent sessions B
Facilitated Q&A - B1 Working together on grief and bereavement
Ms Liese Groot-Alberts

Ms Karen Anderson

Ms Angyla Braine

Geoffrey Tofler

B2 - Project presentations - Cultural connections
Yossi Weiss
The Israeli experience of dealing with bioethical dilemmas at the end of life

Chiung-Yin Hsu
The needs of Chinese-Australian peope in palliative care services

Sujatha Shanmugasundaram
Palliative Care Services for Indian migrants in Australia: Experiences of the family of terminally ill patients

Jo Hathaway
Over the Great Wall: Chinese families' experiences of hospice services in Auckland, New Zealand

Dinesh Chandra Goswami 
Management of tranisition from curative to palliative: Indian experience

B3 - Project presentations - Indigenous connections
John McMahon
How we did it: Advance care planning for Aboriginal renal clients in the Northern territory

Melissa Cumming
Case Study: 'Lil's story' - palliative care in rural and remote New South Wales
(presentation not available) 

Ellen Sheridan, Cherie Waight
Finishing up: Victoria's model for Aborignial palliative care

Christine Symington
How do we improve access? Making the palliative care service more accessible for Indigenous people

Rachael McMahon
Case conferencing: Quality of life and palliative care for clients from remote communities in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

B4 - Project presentations - Paediatric issues
Catherine Bauld
The PaedPallCarePlan: A national approach to referral and care planning in paediatric palliative care

Amanda Bolleter
Strengthening care for children with a life-threatening condition: New policy directions

Ming-Fu Wu
The Grief Tree Gardener project: Expressive arts therapy for families who lost loves ones
(presentation not available) 

Ranita Sidhu
Live till you can live no more: Working with dying children and their families
(presentation not available) 

Gordon Miles
Engaging discourses of hope in a paediatric palliative care setting

B5 - Project presentations - Rural health challenges
Anil Tandon
A state-wide approach to rural palliative care medical support in Western Australia

Wendy Wells
Way to Go project: Creating partnerships to enhance access to palliative care

Joanne Cooper
Richmond Specialist Palliative Care Service: Partnerships in care 

James Daley
Expanding worlds: Creating a cyber palliative community in the bush - the waving not drowning project

Inara Beecher, Cale Edwards, Helene Hipp, Christine Churchill
Working together can make a difference: four SA Divisions' collaboration on the Rural Palliative Care Project

B6 - Project presentations - Spirituality
Heather tan
The family meeting: An instrument for the spiritual care of palliative patients and their families?

Ha-Young Lee
Exploration of oncology social workers' spiritual self-care practice: Using cross-cultural focus groups in Korea and Australia
(presentation not available) 

Lindsay Carey, Bruce Rumbold
Australian local palliative care projects facilitating pastoral and spiritual care

Fiona Gardener
Whatever happened to the spiritual in palliative care?

Bruce Rumbold
Implementing spiritual screening

B7 - Project presentations - Clinical issues 
Aine Heaney
Quality use of medicines in palliative care

Karen Quinsey
The care planning sub-program: Lessons from the national evaluation

William Silvester
Advanced care planning: Emerging evidence
(presentation not available) 

Reena George
Measuring pain, perceiving suffereing: An exploration through statistics and spirituality

Richard Chye
Palliative approach, specialist palliative care and supportive care

B8 - Research papers - Non-malignant palliative care
Rodney Harris
Palliative care and motor neurone disease: Living better for longer

Roslyne McKechnie
From person to patient: An exploration of palliative care in the community

John Haberecht
On the edge of a precipice: The psychosocial impact of advanced heart failure

B9 - Research papers - Cultural connections
Altankhuyag Lkhagva
Palliative care patients and family care givers: support for psychological symptoms in Mongolia

Sofia Carolina Zambrano Ramos
Characteristics of the last treatment provided at the end of life at an acute care hospital in Columbia

Mary Heidenreich
Chinese Cultural and religious beliefs influencing Chinese women carers of a dying relative at home in Australia
(presentation not available)

B10 - Workshops  - Ethics and sprituality
Douglas Bridge
How to address patients' spiritual needs, beginning with an exploration of the participant's own spiritual issues

Ingrid See, Linda Hunt
Together: Negotiating the path to cultural compentence in end-of-life care

B11 - Workshops - Working with families
Jenny Kearney, Francis Icasiano
Volunteer-based biography connects clients with self, family and community: Processes and evidence

Zena Sharples
Embracing family careers: Recognising and supporting their expertise during end-of-life care 

Concurrent sessions C
Facilitated Q&A - C1 Working together across the region
Dr Meera Agar 

Dr Edin Hamzah

Dr Rosalie Shaw

Dr Odette Spruyt

C2 - Project presentations - Ethics and law
Hong -Wen Chen
Registering intent to DNR at National Health Insurance IC cards for hospice care in Taiwan

Barbara Hayes
Features of ethical end-of-life discussions

John Bonifant
Autonomy or beneficence

Hui-Ya Hsieh
The decision-making process and experience of hospice care from terminal cancer patients' family members

Roger Hunt
A review of law to improve the use advance directives for end-of-life care

C3 - Project presentations - Spirituality
Hui-Min Mei
Transforming meaning: From hopelessness to a life of hope

Jason Mills
The dharma of spiritual care: Ancient Eastern wisdom in comtemporary western practice

Richard Egan
Spirituality mandated in hospice care: Meaning what? How well is this done in New Zealand

Lai-ngor Chan
The meaning of hope in Chinese terminally ill patients

Nishimura Kohsuke
Psychosocial care for advanced care patients utilising the traditional or contemporary cultures of Japan
(presentation not available)

C4 - Project presentations - Complementary therapies
Glenda Needs
Art-i-Facts arts therapy and its powerful role in paediatric palliative care

Elly Grift, Anne Bate
Evaluating the effectiveness of massage therapy in the palliative care setting: An audit of 100 community-based clients

Jyh-Gang Hsieh
Dying signs in traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and modern western medicine

Linda Blyth, Louise Miles
We're all in this together: Inpatient and community-based music therapy for children and families experiencing terminal illness

Roger Cole
Meditation techniques to staying centred, to master the mind and to keep yourself together

C5 - Project presentations - Developments in clinical practice
Carol Douglas
Going for 'gold' to improve the discharge outcomes from a major teaching hospital

The new medical code of conduct: How end-of-life ussues are positioned

James Watt
Who's missing out on specialist palliative care at Australia's busiest hospital and why?

Afaf Girgis
Systematic assessment of palliative care needs: Efficacy, time and resource implications and future directions

Ruth Powys
How much is too much? An opiod and sedative usage audit in a palliative care unit

C6 - Research papers - Research methodologies
Kate Wakelin
e-Quality: Managing social isolation through facilitated online and telephone support groups

Bee Wee
Horses for courses: Contrasting approaches for two different research questions and patient groups

Tania Shelby-James
High-quality multi-site research in palliative care

Geoff Mitchell, Sue-Ann Carmont
Single patient trials in palliative care

C7- Research Papers - Clinical care issues
Meera Agar
Designing randomised control trials of the management of delirium in palliative care inpatients

Gregory Parker
Lack of analgesic effect of paracetamol for pallative patients requiring high-dose opiods

David Currow
Dose ranging study to determine minimum effective dose of sustained release morphine for reducing dyspnoea

C8- Research papers - Spirituality
Chun-Kai Fang
Spiritual growth programs for physicians based on medical ethics of caring for terminal cancer patients

John Fisher
Spiritual dissonance: Providers' own spiritual wellbeing influences spiritual care of clients
(presentation not available)

Susan Ronaldson
Spirituality in end-of-life care: Palliative care nurses' spiritual caring interventions and barriers 
(presentation not available)

C9- Workshops - End-of-life policy
National end-of-life framework: What and why now?

C10- Workshops - Technology
Elizabeth Gwyther
Distance learning in palliative care: A review of the experiences of the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance training courses

Jennifer Tieman, Deb Rawlings
Getting the most out of Caresearch resources

C11- Workshops - Complementary medicines
Enoch Lai
Complementary medicine for cancer: Related fatigues in hospice-palliative care patients

Bob Longmore
The emerging evidence base for complementary medicines in palliative care

Quality use of medicines

Concurrent sessions D
Facilitated Q&A - D1 Advance Care Planning
Dr Bernadette Tobin

Associate Professor William Silvester

Mr Bruce Shaw

Ms Michelle Kosky

D2- Project Presentations - System and service development
David Stephenson
When comparing apples and oranges: The impact of social determinants on palliative care service planning

Heather Tan
Improving after-hours care in community palliative care in rural and urban Victoria

Sally Brown
Provision of community-based palliative care in the future: How might we do it?

Loretta Williams, Frances Gore
Partnerships in palliative care: Development of hospital outreach program

Yee Ching Ng
A service delivery innovation to improve hospital-to-home medication transition and facilitate end-of-life care 

D3- Project presentations - Symptom management
Mark Baker
Nursing requirements for adults with complex long-term palliative neurological conditions: Nurses' perspectives

Irene Murphy
Issues with timely access to medicines for community-based palliative care nurse practitioners

Frank Brennan
Poor quality of life of dialysis patients resulting in development of a renal palliative care clinic

Reena George
Spinal cord compression: More or less? Directions from a Cochrane review and new prognostic scores

D4- Research papers - Evidence in palliative care

Gregory Crawford
Psychological parameters improve prediction of survival in cancer patients

Meera Agar
Designing randomised control trials of the management of delirium

Mitsunori Miyashita
J-Hope study: Evaluation of end-of-life cancer care in Japan

D5- Research Papers - Ethical questions
Douglas Bridge
The physiology of prolonged fluid restriction in dying patients

Denise Cooper
Medical perspectives on the distinction between klling and 'letting die'

Brian Ensor
The use of sedative medication in the final 24 hours of life depends on where you are
(presentation not available)

D6- Workshops - Communications skills
Kay Ryan
Coma communication: Skills for supporting people near death
(presentation not available)

Yuri Rupcic
The art of being there: Therapeutic use of presence in palliative care

D7- Workshops - Quality standards
Australian Palliative Care Quality Improvement Alliance
A practical workshop to develop an understanding of the process and requirements 

D8- Workshops - Working together
Joan Ryan, Frank Brennan
Palliative care in East Timor: Challenges and opportunities

Dmytro Melitsky
From self-support group to the national level commnity organisation

Virginia Ann Gumley
The development of the paediatric palliative care nursing service in one cancer institutre: Little green shoots of hope

Ghauri Aggarwal, Ednin Hamzah
Teaching palliative care in resource poor settings: An Australian-Malaysian collaboration
(presentation not available)

E2- Project Presentations - Medical Workforce
Ryo Yamamoto
The PEACE project: Development of nation-wide educational project in Japan

Jesus Eugenio G de Jesus
Developing the section of palliative care at St Paul's Hospital Iloilo

Tanya Trevena
General practice palliative care education initiative: Program review

Sofia Carolina Zambrano Ramos
The journey of death: How general practitioners experience the death of their patients

Angela Stones
The Impeccable Assessment of Pain: Development of a competency-based training package

E3- Project presentations - Communication as a core competency
Meg Hegarty
What do clinicians need for effective, sustainable practice with unrelieved suffering? An Australian study 

Pamela DeKlerk
Good team communication: A dying art

Kevin Larkins
Executive leadership for value innovation: A leadership program for palliative care executives

Karen Quinn
Family meetings in palliative care: The development and evaluation of multidisciplinary clinical practice guidelines

E4- Project Presentations - Nursing workforce
Orapan Chaipetch, Kittikorn Nilmanat
ICU nurses' experience caring for a dying patient

Janet Wettenhall
Caring for families in palliative care: The hidden dimension of nursing workload

Joan Ryan
A matter or dying: This pilot project asserts the importance of exploring end-of-life care from a nurses perspective

Deanne Layton
Strengthening the workforce: The next generation - graduate nurse program in palliative care

Louise Peters
Workplace stressors for palliative care nurses in Victoria

E5- Project presentations - Allied health workforce
Seike Aya
Medical social worker support for end-of-life care of cancer patients

Carol Quayle
The challenges of the multidisciplinary team: A reflection of the Mercy experience in western Melbourne

Moira O'Connor
Enhancing the role of the community pharmacist in palliative care

Kahren White
Occupational therapy intervention to improve function and quality of life for patients living with refractory breathlessness

Penelope Tuffin
Developing a state-wide approach to palliative care medication prescribing, access and utilisation, resulting in equality for patients

E6- Project presentations - Aged care workforce
Erica Davidson
Bethanie Homes and the Cancer Council WA targeting aged care professional development program

Penny Abbington
Development of innovative care planning tools to facilitate best-practice ageing in place in rural aged care

Naomi Winter
A regional approach to delivering specialist palliative care nurse consultancy in residential aged care

Christine Ryan
Innovation in dementia palliative care: The 'decision-making frameworks in advanced dementia' project

Penelope West
A better connection: Linking residential aged care providers to a palliative approach

E7- Research papers - Clinical
Roger Hunt
The value of prognostic indicators varies over the trajectory of illness

Sheila Payne
Evaluation of 15 hospice family caregiver support services in the United Kingdom

Katrina Breaden
Working with refractory suffering: Negotiating uncertain terrain

E8- Research papers - Volunteers and family carers
Samar Aoun
Family carers' satisfaction in palliative care: Does it reflect unmet needs?
(presentation not available)

Margaret O'Connor
Volunteers: The hidden workforce
(presentation not available)

Linda Kristjanson
Dignity therapy for terminally ill patients: Results of the first international clinical trial on dignity therapy

E9- Workshops - Building resilience
Liese Groot-Alberts
Embracing difference as a bridge for connection

Peter Huggard
Managing compassion fatigue: Getting the support you need - a skills and knowledge toolkit

E10 - Workshops - Creativity in palliative care
Elisa Agostinelli
Meeting children in their grief: Creative ways of working with bereaved children and their families

Molly Carlile
I'll tell you a story: Using the arts to facilitate community conversations about death, grief and loss
(presentation not available)

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