9th Australian Palliative Care Conference, Melbourne 2007

The 9th Australian Palliative Care Conference was held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on August 28-31 2007. 

This page contains conference media releases, presentations and abstracts.


Katherine Clark, David Currow, Meera Agar, Belinda Fazekas and Amy Abernethy, A pilot randomised cross-over double blinded controlled efficacy study of Octreotide versus hyoscine hydorbromide in controlling respirratory secretions at the end of life 

Peter Allcroft, Karen Glaetzer and David Currow, Motor Neurone Disease, What markers can we rely on? The ALSFRSr and the AKPS  

Peter Allcroft, Karen Glaetzer and David Currow, Motor Neurone Disease, What markers can we rely on? The ALSFRSr and the AKPS  

Jodie Bennett, Nutritional Assessment and QOL in Palliative Care Patients  

Melanie Benson, Improving Cancer Pain Management, Lessons learnt from an implementation project  

David Brumley, John Fisher, Jan Milliken, Listen Up! Hearing all the voices in caring for palliative patients in a regional/rural setting  

Odette Spruyt, Michael Collins, Gayle Jones, Simon Wein, Maria Pisasale, Melanie Benson, Alex Clinch and Linda Sheahan, Monitoring patients pain to identify which patients require timely review after discharge  

Shirely Connell, Patsy Yates, Linda Barrett, Understanding the optimal learning environment in palliative care  

Donna Daniell, Janet Hardy, John Haberecht, Subcutaneous infusion devices,Influencing the future for palliative care  

Carol Douglas and Susan Mlyne, Data collection - friend or foe? The RBWH journey of embaedding data collection into routine practice  

Robin Fainsinger, International collaborations in palliative care research  

Eric Fairbank, Living and dying in style  

John Fisher, D. Brumley, Liz Sanders and Catherine Kemp, Influences on effectiveness of palliative care education for aged care staff  

Ofra Fried, Sara Cox and Louise Dennis, Dying on country: remote palliative care in central Australi  

Claudia Guigni, A comparative study looking at the effectiveness of two different teaching methods used to improve the integratin of the plliative care approachinto rural residential aged care facilities  

Paul Glare, Prognosis in palliative care: a core clinical skill  

Michelle Gold, Information needs of carers  

Janet Hardy, C White, M Charles and K Gilshenan, A consecutive patient survey of the views of cancer patients and ther relatives/partners towards randomized contrlled trials in palliative care  

Mary Heidenreich, Factors influencing the experiences of Asian women whilst caring for a relative with a terminal illness at home. Access barriers to community palliative care services.  

Joan Chuing-Yin Hsu, How is palliative care delivered for older Chinese people in Australia?  

Safeera Hussainy, Design and development of a flexible educational program in palliative cancer care for Australian community pharmacists  

Gayle Jones, Improving palliative care services for adolescents and young adults with cancer  

Jackie Kerney, Understanding service delivery models and the role of policy makers  

Louise Peters, Margaret O'Connor and Susan Lee, End of life care for patients with cancer in private hospitals  

Jill Loveland, Fatigue management in a community palliative care setting  

Christine Macdonald, GPs and palliative care: state of the partnership  

Linda Magann, Organisational challenges: evaluating clinician implementation on an end of life pathway  

Susan Mannion, Promoting continuity of care across health care settings for advanced heart failure  

Pamela Meredith, Does a purpose-designed workshop improve health care workers' confidence in managing spirituality in palliative care?  

Geoff Mitchell, Keri Thomas, Samar Aoun, Chris Toye and Linda Kristjanson, GP care in aged care facilities  

Rod MacLeod, Scott Murray, Amy Abernethy and Geoff Mitchell, Primary palliative care research: developing and sustaining a research agenda  

Esther Mok, What are the death attitudes among Chinese in Hong Kong?  

Scott Murray, Marilyn Kenall, Elizabeth Grant, Kirsty Boyd, Aziz Sheikh and Stephen Barclay, Patterns of social, psychological and spiritual decline towards the end of life in lung cancer and heart failure  

Scott Murray and Alan Barnard, Palliative care research in resource-poor countries, challenges and opportunities  

Lera O'Connor, Absolutely fabulous: do carer satisfaction surveys reveal all?  

Margaret O'Connor, Quality care at the end of life for all - what lies ahead?  

Jane Phillips, National rural palliative care program 2004-06  

Jane Phillips, P Davidson, P Newton, M diGiacomo, L Forsyth, V Carroll and M Bennett, Partnering with a multi-purpose service: a novel approach to providing after-hours telephone support in regional Australia  

Bruce Rumbold and Fran McInerney, A public health palliative approach  

Dianne Embry and Sue Salau, Victorian palliative care volunteer standards and training resources  

Christina Searle and Jeanine Blackford, Pressure care management in end of life care  

Meg Storer, Hospital to community, the RECIPE model  

Keri Thomas, Improving community palliative care in the UK using the Gold Standards Framework  

Patsy Yates, S Aranda, A Clavarino, C Miaskowski, G Beadle, H Skerman, B Williams and S Stephens, Symptom clusters in advanced cancer