Key reference documents

Palliative Care Australia has three key reference documents:

  • Standards for providing quality palliative care for all Australians
  • Palliative care service provision in Australia: A planning guide
  • A guide to palliative care service development: A population based approach.

The Standards 

The 4th Edition of the Standards for providing quality palliative care for all Australians represents a nationally endorsed whole of sector approach to ensuring high quality, needs based care at the end of life. The Standards are key governing documents that influence both primary and specialist palliative care service providers in the way they plan and deliver palliative care. 

The Standards set out the relationship between primary care providers and specialist palliative care services. They also articulate the level of expectations for all services involved in the provision of palliative care to people with a life limiting illness.

The Standards are the cornerstone of the National Standards Assessment Program.

Service provision guide 

The 2nd edition of Palliative care service provision in Australia: A planning guide provides guidance on palliative care service delivery with the aim of improving patient and carer outcomes.

Palliative Care Australia is concerned that all Australians should have equitable access to quality palliative care where appropriate, regardless of where they live, their age or social or cultural background. The guide outlines the minimum professional staffing needs required to ensure palliative care is provided to all who need it.

Service development guide 

The Guide to Palliative Care Service Development: A population-based approach provides the context within which the Standards and the Service Provision Guide can be interpreted and applied.  This policy document articulates a needs-based approach to palliative care and implications for service development.