National Community Education Initiative

Talking about dying and death is not something that comes naturally to Australians. Yet each year, half a million Australians experience the impact of terminal illness.

Chances are, at some stage you will know someone who is dying or have a friend in that situation. Chances are, you won’t know what to say or do to help them.

Unfortunately, not knowing all too often results in poor access to available services and poorer outcomes for the patient, their families and carers.

The National Community Education Initiative provides resources for everyone in our community to learn about important issues – issues like what is palliative care, where can I go for help, what can I say and do when someone I know is dying, or, what does normal grief look like.

Palliative Care Australia has produced a range of information resources for patients, families, carers, clinicians and anyone with an interest in learning more.




National Palliative Care Service Directory 
When nobody wants to talk, we talk about dying and death.  Find your local palliative care service.

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Poster - 2009 National Community Education Initiative



Poster - 2009 National Community Education Initiative



What is palliative care? 
Answers your questions about palliative and end of life care.



What can I say - What can I do?
When someone I know is living with a terminal condition 
Suggests strategies to help someone you know who is living with a terminal condition.



Now what? 
Understanding grief  
Answers your questions about grief and provides information on helping someone you know who is experiencing grief.



Asking questions can help
An aid for people seeing the palliative care team 
A booklet designed for people seeing the palliative care team to help you get the information you need about your condition.



Facts about morphine and other opioid medicines
used in palliative care 
Answers the questions you have about morphine and other opioid medicines.


If only I knew ...
community service announcement 
A 30-second television advertisement to promote National Palliative Care Week, with details on where to find more information.

View - If only I knew ...



Suzanne's story 
Suzanne tells her story of living with terminal cancer.

Read Suzanne's story



Sharyn's story 
Sharyn's story tells of her journey caring for her terminally ill husband.  She also talks about her life after his death.

Read Sharyn's story 

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