Why participate in NSAP?

The National Standards Assessment Program has many benefits for participating services:
  • an opportunity to objectively assess your service against the national standards
  • a formal mechanism for identifying areas and developing strategies for improvement
  • an opportunity to participate in a peer review and receive a benchmark report to see how your service compares to peers and services nationally
  • ability to promote that your service has been externally validated as meeting the national standards
  • support from the NSAP team whilst participating
  • ability to use the outcomes of NSAP for accreditation purposes (and vice-versa)
  • ability to track your progress over several cycles of NSAP.
NSAP is a service-level activity - this means that while you can register for an external peer review, the initial self-assessment is undertaken by members within the individual service. This provides an opportunity for self-reflection and allows the promotion of change internally.

‘Very good process for identifying where the service gaps are and pro-actively trying to manage these gaps. A very worthwhile exercise.’
comment from an NSAP pilot service

Staff from all areas of a service, whether administration, clinical, allied health, volunteer or management can participate in the assessment.

‘The process of working with the other team members felt cohesive, informative and beneficial. I learnt a lot from the different perspectives about our service and have a greater appreciation of our strengths.’
comment from an NSAP Pilot service 

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